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Client Tools

Here's a handy, time-saving list of Tools and Resources…

Money Under Management:
TD Ameritrade Institutional:  http://www.advisorclient.com

Internal Revenue Service   http://www.irs.gov

Ohio National:  http://www.ohionational.com
Nationwide Insurance   http://www.nationwide.com/index.jsp
Lincoln Financial   https://www.lfg.com/
Illinois Mutual   http://www.illinoismutual.com/
Golden West   http://www.goldenrule.com/

Health Insurance:
Humana:  http://www.humana-one.com       

AMX:  http://www.amxloans.com

Tax & Financial Information:
Fairmark Press   http://fairmark.com/
HSH Associates   http://www.hsh.com/


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