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Hinchley and company: A Financial Partner You Can Trust

From the moment you first contact us, we seek to earn your trust and give you a “world class planning experience.” This world class experience is delivered to our clients through:

• Exceptional Professional Evaluation & Honest Guidance
• Financial Partners Who Can Deliver First Rate Products & Services
• Efficient and Effective Administrative Assistance
• Protection of Your Valuable Personal Information
Professionals You Can Trust…

10 “Truths” of Financial Planning for Highly Compensated Professionals

1) One Size Does Not Fit All.  The old “cookie cutter approach” of financial planning does not work for Highly Compensated Professionals.  Because of your high income; you have special needs.  Your tax planning must be more precise and complex to preserve more of what you make and what you own.  Your financial strategies need to consider liability protection since your rapidly growing net worth makes you a more likely target of a lawsuit.  Your specialized professional abilities increase the likelihood that a “job downsizing” will result in a greater period of time without income between jobs.  Therefore, your liquid reserves need to be more robust than most families.  This is just a small list of the unique differences your financial planning requires.  Subscribing to Money Magazine or Motley Fool’s financial recommendations is not a realistic option for you anymore.  Their message is intended for the “masses.”  Financial planning, for you, needs to be more specific to your unique income and asset accumulation status. 

2) It’s Not What You Make – It’s What You Keep.  The top 5% of Income Earners in America pay 55% of all taxes!  Many professionals have referred to the tax code levied against this group as “confiscatory”… continue reading


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All advisory and financial planning services are provided through Hinchley Advisory Group, LLC, which is a Colorado registered investment advisor.
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