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Hinchley & Company is your one-stop shop for achieving greater financial health. Hinchley & Company focuses on meeting the tax and financial needs of high-income professionals. Our experienced team has been assembled and trained to evaluate and address all five areas of financial planning for our clients — investment planning, insurance protection, tax planning, estate and legal planning, and debt analysis and management.

Your Financial Health First

As a registered investment advisor, Hinchley Advisory Group acts as a fiduciary for our clients. That means we are legally bound to act in our clients’ best interests, unlike some other firms. And, as a CPA firm, we are also held to a similar standard, embodying “objectivity, integrity, free of conflicts of interest, and truthfulness,” set through the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. 1Simply put, when you do better, we do better. This allows us to give our clients a unique perspective on what it takes to become financially healthy.

1: https://www.cpajournal.com/2018/01/12/continuing-discussion-meaning-fiduciary/

Excellence Since 1998

We have a long history of evaluating the tax and financial needs of high-income professionals. At Hinchley & Company, we pair our decades of experience with the latest in financial technology. We utilize our own proprietary software and other financial tools not available to the public, which gives our clients an advantage in financial performance and tax mitigation.


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