Debt Analysis & Management

Debt as a Powerful Tool

Many people think of debt as another four-letter word. While this may be true in cases of misuse or abuse, debt can also be used as a powerful net worth accumulation tool.

Proper debt management can also help in the reduction of income taxes. If you are not receiving creative and relevant advice about your debt management, you’re only getting partial planning. Here are a few debt management considerations:

While many people “live beyond their means,” Hinchley & Company clients get input each year on the health of their debt balances, interest rates, tax deductibility, and terms. Keeping this area of your financial plan in balance will help result in more efficient growth of your net worth.

The taxation of a real estate transaction is an important aspect of wealth accumulation. Tax laws and market conditions surrounding this area change frequently. Having Hinchley & Company on your side means making more informed decisions!


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