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The 5 Areas of Financial Health

Investment Planning

Making decisions with your investments can be tough. You need as much trustworthy advice as possible to make sure you make the right choices. Our team is always working for your best interests by putting your interests ahead of our own.


Insurance Protection

Many retirees have some form of insurance, but often, it’s not enough coverage for the wealth they have. We conduct proper reporting so you know exactly the insurance needs you have.


Tax Planning

In our experience in working with professionals, taxes can consume 30%-40% — or even more — of your gross retirement income. We constantly keep our eye on the tax laws that impact you and recommend tax-saving strategies.


Estate & Legal Planning

What will happen to your wealth and assets once you’re gone? If you’re not careful, the government could get a higher percentage of your inheritance than you expected. We can help make sure that doesn’t happen.


Debt Analysis & Management

It’s time to rethink debt. Unnecessary debt can cause a huge burden, but debt activated in the right way can work for you and not against you. Hinchley & Company can help manage that.